Healing Strategies for Twins Who Miss One Another and Can’t Get Along


After studying my books and posts on twin growth, twins have reached out to me asking for assist understanding their anger, fear, or simply plain unhappiness with their twin. Actually, it isn’t unusual for me to listen to that discovering a psychological well being skilled to assist a twin get together with their sister or brother has been tough. Generally a therapist means that sending their twin a good looking Hallmark card is perhaps the reply to their points. My twin readers are extra life like and extra “in ache.” They’re thirsty to heal their confusion, loneliness, anger, and despair associated to being a twin in a non-twin world. The concept twin points may be understood simply is ridiculous. Twin relationships are nuanced and complex and, regularly, very entangled.

Id Confusion Is “Regular” for Twins

I ask myself why discovering assist with twin disappointment is so onerous to return by in our psychologically-minded world that’s overflowing with self-help recommendation. And I believe that the underlying cause is that psychological well being professionals don’t perceive the depth of the dual attachment, which might create a extremely conflicted twin relationship and identity confusion. Naturally and inevitably, a lot bodily and emotional closeness causes “over-identification”—enmeshment or entanglement between the dual pair. “Who’s who” identification confusion is a typical downside that twins have to disentangle and cope with collectively and alone.

Issues With Over-Identification for Twins

Basically, issues that twins have with one another based mostly on their over-identification appear to fall into the next classes:

  1. A love/hate roller-coaster relationship that’s based mostly on longings and expectations for closeness. In most of those conditions, disappointment, combating, after which making up has turn out to be a commonplace however dysfunctional means of interacting. For instance, one second a toy is misplaced that belongs to your twin and the world involves an finish. Simply as shortly, Mother finds the toy, and pleasure and happiness are seen within the resultant twin play.
  2. A severely unbalanced relationship the place one member of the pair is super-special and the opposite appears like he or she is invisible or “must be” invisible. Parental favoritism fuels this unlucky side of the dual relationship.
  3. Continuous combating over “who is aware of finest” and “who must be the follower.” (That is way more severe than a dominance/non-dominant concern and a seemingly not possible downside to unravel.)
  4. Twins who can not get alongside and make it not possible for his or her dad and mom, kids, or cousins to see each other at household occasions. Household strife over most of these issues is extraordinarily painful and onerous to resolve, particularly round holidays and household celebrations.
  5. Anger and resentment that one twin is extra profitable than the opposite. Even with good-enough parenting, this sort of aggressive habits may be very tough to diffuse for each of the twins. The profitable twin might really feel responsible and the “lower than” twin can turn out to be indignant or self-loathing.
  6. Separation fears and anxiety when new companions are launched into the lives of the twins. For instance, the anticipation of sharing your twin’s pleasure in marriage is all the time very tough and complicated for the dual who’s the bridesmaid, not the bride.
  7. When twins need the identical factor, from attire to grades and homes and even romantic companions, deep anger and resentment can come up and result in combating and estrangement.
  8. The world doesn’t perceive twin disappointments and dismisses them as an overreaction. Twins get trapped within the center, eager for assist, however they get no compassion for his or her twin issues. Being a twin is a “good and splendid” relationship for uninformed non-twins. Actually, being a twin is a really tough problem.

Twins Inevitably Really feel Misunderstood

Loneliness and feeling misunderstood is extraordinarily frequent in twins, whether or not or not they’re estranged or have a workable relationship. Listed here are some methods to counteract or diminish your loneliness.

  1. Psychotherapy that takes under consideration your twin issues as severe and worthy of attention within the remedy session. Therapists who dismiss the dual downside as “secondary” can’t be useful.
  2. Studying and understanding what it means to be a twin in a non-twin world.
  3. Discovering twin mates who wish to discover your twin reactions with you.
  4. Sharing what you understand about twinship with your loved ones and asking them that can assist you overcome the roadblocks that you simply and your twin share.

In conclusion, whenever you discover solace in your personal life, issues together with your twin relationship turn out to be much less intense and far simpler to place into perspective. Loneliness and looking for twin replacements is a predictable strategy to develop self-confidence for twins. Nonetheless, when an excessive amount of closeness is anticipated of dual replacements, then unhappiness, disappointment, and loneliness can reappear.

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